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POLDER, an acronym for Policy Decision-support and Evidence-based Reasoning, is a research initiative led by the Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Amsterdam. We are a community of researchers and associated partners working with complexity theory and computational modelling to support policymakers. For our research and education we mobilize researchers from the UvA, and beyond, to form interdisciplinary teams.


We create a collaborative space where stakeholders and researchers from various academic fields jointly gain deep and encompassing insights into policymaking, addressing urgent societal challenges. We equip stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of complex problems by using theories and tools from complexity science, thus driving positive policy impacts.


At POLDER we envision a future where complex systems thinking is an integral part of policymaking. Through this lens we can foster upstream adaptive interventions and equip (prospective) policymakers to effectively navigate the intricacies of complex systems, uncovering patterns and pathways that were once invisible.


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