Polder Simulation Center

For POLicy Decision-support and Evidence-based Reasoning

An initiative led by UvA IAS

POLDER is a research collaborative that helps policymakers to unravel complex challenges, create actionable insights, and explore new avenues of intervention. We develop and apply novel decision-support techniques, using fundamental knowledge and methods from complexity science, system dynamics and network science. POLDER works together with researchers from all academic fields and in co-creation with the direct stakeholders, building new multi-scale models and visualisation tools, to support responsible, evidence-based and effective decision-making.


UvA Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

Oude Turfmarkt 147
1012 GC Amsterdam
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When trying to navigate through complex challenges, like the corona pandemics, it’s common practice that policy makers consult researchers from various disciplines. Processing all this information and data is not trivial. The policy maker is essentially the interdisciplinary processor of all this disciplinary scientific knowledge. This stresses the need for real co-creation between science and policy.

Albert Faber

Senior Policy Advisor, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate